Glossop Circular Walk

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Glossop Circular Walk Map

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  Glossop Circular to Cock Hill and Glossop Low Cabin (5.84km / 3.63 miles / 7,700 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Doctor's Gate, Higher Shelf Stones and B-29 Superfortress (12.47km / 7.75 miles / 16,400 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Moss Castle and Featherbed Top (10.42km / 6.47 miles / 13,800 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Harry Hut, Mill Hill and Kinder Downfall (11.96km / 7.43 miles / 15,700 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Monks' Road, Cown Edge Rocks and Robin Hood's Picking Rods (6km / 3.73 miles / 7,900 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Arnfield Reservoir, Swallow's Wood and Devil's Bridge (3.9km / 2.4 miles / 5,100 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Bottoms, Valehouse, Rhodeswood, Torside and Woodhead Reservoirs (16.63km / 10.33 miles / 21,900 steps)

  Glossop Circular to Crowden and Woodhead Tunnels (18.54km / 11.52 miles / 24,400 steps)

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The lovely little books above were written by Jack Hanmer in the 1980s, as can be seen by the advertisements inside. Jack was a keen local historian, he wrote a book on Glossop’s past and as an energetic walker, published books on his favourite rambles all over the High Peak and Marple. Jack sadly passed away in 2020 aged 97, he had a long and distinguished career as a teacher and taught at several local schools. He also served in the Fleet Air Arm and was a pilot and navigator. Please bear in mind that these books are over thirty years old and some of the details decsribed may have changed.

Hope you get out and enjoy Jack's favourite walks.

Glossop Circular Walk

Glossop Circular Walk


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